Register and Pay for Classes


Great! You're paying in full. Please follow the following instructions to pay online.


​<<<<  Click the "Pay in full" online registration button to the left.

  1. You are now connected to our Mindbody Online System.

  2. If you have taken classes before sign in or create a new one!

  3. First, you must pay for the package you'd like.

    1. Click "MY CART"​

    2. Click "CONTRACTS"

    3. Select your method of payment (payment options)

    4. Agree to terms

    5. Click "MAKE PURCHASE"

    6. Review your purchase.

    7. Click "CONTINUE SHOPPING" to add a leotard, thights, shoes or skirt to your order for pick up at the front desk!

    8. When finished, click "CHECK OUT"

    9. Review CC information and click "PLACE ORDER"

  4. Now we can pick your class!

    1. Click "BOOK THIS SERVICE" or "Fall Classes" 

    2. Scroll to class desired. We recommend using the search functions as they are not in order.

    3. Click "Sign up" on desired class day and time

    4. Click "Enroll"

    5. Select what type of membership you want

    6. Are you trying to enroll in more than one class? If yes, continue this process again by clicking "book this service" on the bottom right hand corner.

  5. Lastly, please confirm your profile, schedule and all STUDENT information on file.