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Junior Helper; Student Leadership Program

Students participating in the program can:

  • Gain leadership experience

  • Reaffirm and strengthen their own dance technique

  • Learn more about how dance fundamentals are taught

  • Learn teaching techniques that encourage cooperation, focus, and discipline


To be eligible to be a classroom assistant, students should be:

  • At least 8 years old. (We will consider a very mature 7-year-old)

  • Currently enrolled in dance at Little Leapers

  • Willing and able to commit to attending the class weekly for the entire session


Responsibilities of classroom assistants:

  • Dress appropriately for the dance discipline

  • Arrive at least five minutes before class start time

  • Learn the students’ names, and greet them when they arrive.

  • If students are under age 5, ask them if they need to use the rest room before class starts

  • Help students with tying shoes, fixing hair, etc. If they need to leave the room to get a drink or use the rest room, remain with them and escort them back to class


Assisting during class

  • Always follow the teacher’s lead

  • Keep the focus of the class on the teacher by giving him or her your full attention

  • When the class is standing in lines facing the mirror, assistants should stand in front, facing  the same way the teacher is facing. Assistants should begin, execute, and finish each exercise with the students so that the teacher may concentrate on giving corrections when  needed.

  • Demonstrate dance technique and steps as accurately and clearly as possible

Encourage a positive classroom environment!

Assistants can play an important role in fostering a positive learning environment in the studio by:

  • Modeling attentive behavior, giving the teacher your full attention

  • Using positive language with the students. For example, say “Look at the teacher” instead  of “Don’t look at the floor.”

  • Leaving hands on and verbal corrections to the teacher.

  • Always handling the children quietly and gently

  • Comforting a child who gets hurt; encouraging a shy child; gently bringing a distracted child into focused attention

  • Treating parents with courtesy and respect
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