Tuition & Studio Policies



Little Leapers Blacksburg / Roanoke 

  • Registration Fee $25 annually (max $50 per family)
    why do I need to pay this? 

  • School Year Commitment  (Aug 26, 2019 - May 2020) ​


  • 1 class per week - $50/mo 

  • 2 classes per week -$90/mo 

  • 3 classes per week -$130/mo 
  • 4 classes per week- $145/mo
  • 5 classes per week - $160/mo 

  • Unlimited, 6+ classes per week - $175/mo

  • 15 min Tac on Class: $15.00/mo 

  • 30 min Tac on Class:  $25.00/mo 

  • Semester Commitment (Jan‘19 - May‘19)
    (Deadline to switch to School Year commitment/pricing: Oct 1st)

    • 1 class per week - $55/mo 

    • 2 classes per week - $95/mo 

    • 3 classes per week- $135/mo

    • 15 min Tac on Class: $20.00/mo 

    • 30 min Tac on Class:  $30.00/mo 

    • Unlimited Adult Class pass: $45/mo 

  • Single Drop Class: $15

  • Free Trial Class  $0

  • Contract Break / Cancellation Fee: $20 + commitment pricing difference.



Classes Registration Instructions

Follow this link to Connect to our MindBody Online System.

If you have taken classes before, sign into your account or create a new one.

STEP 1: Purchase Tuition

  1. click "My Cart"


  3. scroll to select "Classes" 

  4. Pick your tuition payment commitment 

  5. Sign waiver if not completed

  6. Click "make purchase"

  7. Click "check out"

  8. Enter billing information (for CC only). 

  9. Submit and receive confirmation

STEP 2: Book Desired Class(es)

  1. Click "book this service" or the "Summer Classes" tab at the top of the web page.

  2. Scroll through calendar to week of January 20th  and select class desired. 

  3. Click "sign up now" on desired class day and time

  4. Confirmation will show student schedule-- YOU DID IT!

  5. Please confirm your profile, schedule and all STUDENT information on file. 

  6. Lastly, are you trying to enroll in more than one class? If yes, continue this process again by clicking "classes" and following steps above.

  • Mommy and Me & Fairy Tale Ballet:  We do not have a dress code for the little ones; however many arrive in fun tutus, leotards and ballet slippers.  We just ask that they wear something they're comfortable in.  If they're wearing skirts they should wear shorts underneath. If a student does not have ballet slippers, we do ask that they go barefoot. We suggest coming to class dressed and ready.

  • Attire for Little Prima Ballerina, Ballet 1-4: We prefer our level 1 and up students wear proper ballet attire, including a leotard (see suggested-but not required-colors below), tights (not required until Ballet 3), and ballet slippers. We suggest coming to class dressed and ready.
        Suggested level colors:
                    - Little Prima Ballerina suggested color: light pink
                    - Ballet 1 suggested color: white
                    - Ballet 2 suggested color: turquoise
                    - Ballet 3 suggested color: purple
                    - Ballet 4 suggested color: hot pink
                    - Ballet 5 suggested color: royal blue

We do NOT follow public schools for inclement weather delays or cancellations except for AM classes. Please check our Facebook page, or call ahead if there is inclement weather just to be sure. Parents are urged to use their judgment based on your neighborhood conditions. Please remember that all classes are available to be made up.  Missed classes may be made up at your convenience in your own level or the level below. 
  • If the class placement is changed or cancelled. Tuition will be refunded from the date of cancellation.

  • If a student sustains an injury or illness that prevents him or her from attending classes for an extended period of time (more than 3 weeks) or for the remainder of the semester. The family should submit a written request for credit or withdrawal along with documentation from the child’s doctor. In this case, Little Leapers will issue a credit applicable towards the student’s account.

  • If a family is re-located more than 50 miles away from any Little Leapers location. Tuition will be refunded from the date of contact. We encourage your to email us your request to ensure the time stamp.

  • If you wish to cancel registration due to any reason other than that stated above, a credit towards your account for future use will be applied less cancellation fee and any difference in tuition if commitment from school year to semester is now owed.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • By registering for classes and placing a credit card on file you agree to the above terms and authorize us to charge your card accordingly for the full amount.

  • Registration Fee: $25 per student, (Max $50 per family)       

  • Sibling Discount: When a family registers more than one child, all siblings tuition will be discounted by 10%.

  • Cancellation Fee(s): $10, plus any amount due if changing from school year to semester commitment.

  • You may chose to pay in full or monthly with via credit card or we do accept cash or check at the front desk.

  • If paying by cash or check the payment is due every month at least 3 business days prior to your scheduled payment date otherwise your monthly charge will be credited through your credit card on file.

  • If unable to attend camps, classes, or events we reserve the right to offer account credit to you for missed services only to your Little Leapers Account for future use on services. All missed classes are entitled to a make up class within the current session only. No missed classes will be carried forward to another session unless otherwise authorized. If a contract is broken for any other reason the full remainder due will be charged to the Credit Card on file.

  • Cancellation Fee(s): $10, in addition to any amount due if changing from school year to semester commitment.

  • Returned Check Fee:  $35 fee for all returned checks.


Level 3+ students who arrive late are expected to quietly warm up at the back of the classroom. Students more than 10 minutes late to class may be asked to stay late to assist the instructor, unless proper notice is given.

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