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How do I register for a class?

Little Leapers uses the MINDBODY ONLINE SYSTEM, which carefully tracks your child's participation, class schedule, account balance, and more- all in one place!

There are currently 3 ways to register for classes:

1) Online

2) Come to an open house event

3) Email us at with your class requests and you can take care of payment either online or the first week of class.

May we try a class out before we sign up? 

Yes! We anyone to do a free trial of a class.

What happens if we miss a class? 

We offer make up classes during and at the end of each session. These make ups do not need to be made up in the style class you missed.  This is a great opportunity to meet other teachers, and try out new classes!


What are the costume fees?

None! We pride ourselves on the beautiful costumes we provide for our students for each and every class. These costumes are also used for productions and other events so that there is never an added or surprise cost added to your membership or participation.

Do you do recitals?
We do two productions each year which are optional to all of our students and are open to the public to audition for. There is a minimal participation fee involved, no costumes fees, and students rehearse 1x per week for each number they are in. Our shows provide the opportunity for solos in lead character roles, and students my participate in the production outside of their class room discipline.

Do you do dance competitions?
Little Leapers classes do not participate in competitions; however if interested our LEAP Performing Arts Company (audition only) does offer additional team performance and leadership opportunities with a limited but available competition schedule.  We believe that competitions should only be used as an opportunity to perform and share their art. Little Leapers will not participate in any activity that goes against our company standards or encourages an unhealthy competition against other teachers, dancers or fellow classmates.  Costuming for the LEAP Performing Arts Company is provided by Little Leapers and must be approved by the director for age and general appropriateness.

How do I make a payment online?

To log into our MINDBODY online system:

  1. Click on Sign Up and enter your child's first and last name if they already attend. Otherwise, you can create a new profile but PLEASE USE YOUR CHILD'S NAME (see instructions above for setting up a new account). 

  2. Your child's name will appear and you should click the icon that states "This is me"

  3. Then you will be prompted to enter some personal information to verify that this is your child and their account.

  4. If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact, or ask at the front desk the next time you are in the studio.

  5. You will then be prompted to create a login using the email that you have provided us. 

  6. You will then see your child's profile. 

  7. Click on edit billing information and you can add a credit card to the account for future payments! (If you would like to set up automatic payments once you have entered your credit card information then you can just send an email to set up auto payments monthly for your account)

  8. To make an account payment, simply click on the Tab at the top that is labeled "MY CART," then click on the account payments tab, and select account payment from the drop down box. You may then enter the amount of the payment that you wish to make and click make purchase. 

  9. Verify the amount and click the "CHECK OUT" button. Finally, click on the "PLACE ORDER" button and your payment will process and a receipt will be emailed to your email on file! 

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