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Productions & Recitals

Opportunities for Performance, Outreach and Demonstration 

Little Leapers is a performing arts organization that provides training and performance opportunities to young aspiring dancers in the Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA, area. The organization is committed to helping children build confidence, discipline, and teamwork skills through the art of dance


Spring Production performed every May (late) / Early June

Little Leapers puts on two Spring productions each year. These productions provide an opportunity for the dancers to explore different styles of dance and showcase their talents in a variety of genres. The Spring Production is a chance for the dancers to challenge themselves and grow as performers, and it serves as a recital for all enrolled students.

Little Leapers offers two Spring Productions each year, giving the dancers even more opportunities to perform. One of the productions is a spring musical that puts a fresh spin on a classic, featuring singing, acting, and dancing. The other production is a classical ballet that showcases the dancers' technical skills and artistry.

Both Spring Productions are open to outside dancers as well, providing an inclusive and collaborative environment for young aspiring performers. The productions are a culmination of the hard work and dedication of the dancers and their teachers, and they offer a chance for the entire community to come together and celebrate the art of dance.


All Little Leapers and LEAP Performing Arts students are encouraged to audition for the productions. This inclusive approach ensures that every child has an opportunity to participate in the performing arts and develop their skills. Little Leapers and the LEAP Performing Arts Academy is committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and a love of dance.

Upcoming Performances: 

2024 Musical: Alice in Wonderland

         Roanoke, VA: May 5th @ Mill Mountain Theater
         Blacksburg, VA: May 11-12th  @ Radford University

Auditions: Not Required for classroom roles. Required for leads and production roles. Auditions are typically in March. 

Past Productions:

Year 11 2024: Alice in Wonderland
Year 10 2023: Toy Story
 (musical) & Copéllia (ballet)

Year 9: 2022 Rapunzel (Play and Dance Production)

Year 8.5: 2021 Outdoor Spring Recital (Dance production)

Year 8: 2020 No rectial due to covid

Year 7: 2019 Princess & the Frog (musical) /  Swan Lake (Ballet)

Year 6: 2018 Little Mermaid (musical)

Year 5: 2017 Beauty and the Beast (musical)

Year 4: 2016 Wizard of Oz (Musical) 

Year 3: 2015 Frozen Heart (Musical)

Year 2: 2014 Cinderella (Musical)

Year 1: 2013 Alice in Wonderland (Dance Production)


The Nutcracker performed every December

The Nutcracker is a classical ballet that has become a staple of the holiday season. Little Leapers performs this beloved ballet annually at the Moss Arts Center, allowing young dancers to showcase their skills and share the stage with professional dancers.


Auditions: Required. Typically in late August / September. 

Upcoming Performances: December 2024 - TBA

Past Productions:

Year 11: 2023 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center with Short film Movie

Year 10: 2022 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center with Short film Movie

Year 9: 2021 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center

Year 8: 2020 Clara Experience (green screen film experience)

Year 7: 2019 Nutcracker at Buruss Theater with Short film Movie

Year 6: 2017 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center with Live Orchestra

Year 5: 2016 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center with Live Orchestra

Year 4: 2015 Nutcracker at the Moss Arts Center & Roanoke 

Year 3: 2014 Nutcracker at Haymarket Theater

Year 2: 2013 Nutcracker at the Lyric Theater

Year 1: 2012 Nutcracker at the Lyric Theater

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