Register and Pay for Classes


Great! You're paying monthly. Please follow the following instructions to pay online.


​<<<<  Click the online registration button to the left.

  1. You are now connected to our Mindbody Online System.

  2. If you have taken classes before sign in or create a new one!

  3. click "My Cart"

  4. click "contracts"

  5. pick your tuition commitment choice

  6. sign Waiver

  7. click "make purchase"

  8. click "check out"

  9. Enter billing information (for CC only).  Your CC will be charged on the 21st of each month

  10. submit

  11. confirmation. Click "book this service"

  12. scroll to class desired. We recommend using the search functions as they are not in order.

  13. click "sign up" on desired class day and time

  14. click enroll

  15. Are you trying to enroll in more than one class? If yes, continue this process again by clicking "blacksburg / roanoke classes" and following steps 12-14.

  16. Lastly, please confirm your profile, schedule and all STUDENT information on file.