Performance Cast Information - Final & Dress Rehearsal Information


Saturday November 30th 
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Party Scene (junior)

Sunday, December 1st  
  • Regular Schedule plus...

  • 12:30- 1:00 pm Arabian + ARABIAN DANCERS (evening)

  • 3-4 pm Snow (evening) + SNOW ANGELS (evening) + SNOW TREES

  • 4:30-5:30 pm Flowers (evening) + FLOWER BUDS

Tuesday, December 3rd
  • 5:30-6:30 PM - Coronation Scene:

    • Clara

    • Coronation Pas de Deux (big and mini)

    • Coronation Angels

    • Coronation Unicorn Reindeer (evening show)

Monday, December 2rd
  • 5:30-6:30 PM - Snow Angel (junior show) studio D, downstairs


December 4th


Burruss Hall, 800 Drillfield Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24060


11:30 AM   Clara & Nutcracker

12:00 PM   Prima Pas de Deux   w/ Jeanna

12:15 PM   Sugar Plum (both shows)   w/ Jenna

12:30 PM   Mouse Queen & Battle Nutcracker (both shows) .  w/ Jeanna

12:50 PM   Flowers (junior)   w/ Jeanna

 1:20 PM   Spanish (evening)   w/ Jeanna

 1:40 PM   Russian (evening) 

 2:00 PM   Flowers (evening) + Flower buds IF available

 2:20 PM   Snow (evening) - Flakes, Demi, Queen - and anyone else who can come

 3:00 PM   Party Scene (evening) - KIDS ONLY PLUS DROSSELMEYER

 3:30 PM   Finale (Evening Cast only) @ 3:30 pm


Party Scene Kids, Party Scene Adults, Couch Mice, Battle Scene Mice & Soldiers (same as evening) , Snowflakes, Snow Demis, Snow Queen, Snow Angels


Coronation Unicorn Reindeer, Chinese, Spanish Pas, Marzipan, Flowers, Russian, Sugar Plum, and Gingerbread (evening and junior casts)


Party Scene, Couch Mice, Battle Scene Mice & Soldiers, Tree Fairies, Snowflakes, Snow Demis, Snow Queen, Snow Angels


Coronation Angels, Coronation Unicorn Reindeer, Big Coronation Pas de deux, Mini Coronation pas de deux, Chinese, Arabian, Prima Pas, Prince, Spanish Pas, Marzipan, Flowers, Russian, Sugar Plum, Coda Candy elves and Finale Dancers

  • Arrival:

    • Please arrive at least 10-15 min before your call time!  

    • Immediately report to the audience and find your group seats (will be labeled)

    • When you arrive at Burrass for Dress Rehearsal you should park in the the prices fork parking lot (campus parking is open after 5pm. Otherwise please secure a visitors pass through VT)

    • Parents of small children who would like to accompany them to their rooms may obtain a visitor pass at the check-in table but must exit the backstage area no later than 15 minutes prior to showtime. If you think you’ll need to stay longer - please consider volunteering.


Coming Prepared:

  • Dress:  

    • Costumes will be at the theater. Volunteers will ensure you get them when necessary.

    • Girls: Pink Tights, Pink Shoes​, Optional: Privacy / Light colored spaghetti strap leotard 

    • Boys: Black Ballet slippers, black socks, undershirt

    • Make sure to have an easy change of clothes (minimal layers).

  • Make up:

    • Ages 6 and under: Minimal. Pink blush, mascara (if they’ll allow it). Absolutely no heavy makeup.

    • Ages 7+: Modest. Blush, light colored lipstick, mascara, light brown natural eyeshadow. For older participants (tutorial). Ages 10+ may wear LIGHT fake lashes in lieu of eye shadow.  

    • Adults: Full stage makeup with lashes

    • Boys: Blush. Recommended due to stage lighting washing out dancer's faces.

  • Hair:

    • Girls: No-wisps-Ballet-Bun (how to video: ), party curls (party girls), couch mice and gingerbread may do two buns.

    • Boys: Combed, and gelled to keep out of face.

  • Recommended to pack:


    • Do not send your child with any outside food unless specifically required, we have some severe allergies in our cast (tree nuts, peanuts, chocolate).

  • During the Rehearsal:

    • Dancers will be assigned seats based on role and age. Volunteer(s) will be assigned to a group. Students will sit in the audience with their group and volunteer or in their dressing room when not on stage.  Your child may not sit outside of the student area, for the safety of your child and organization of the show. If you would like to sit with your child please sign up to volunteer.

    • No student should be checked out early unless previously approved by the director and indicated in your check-out.

    • All students will participate in bows at the end of the show. 

  • Child Pick up After rehearsal: As soon as the dancers are done, they may be checked out.

  • Portraits

    • Shine Photography will be available during dress rehearsal to do portraits. You do not have to sign up for a time slot to take pictures.  We will have someone bring each group of dancers into the photo studio AFTER their stage rehearsal so they will not be rushed to get on stage and so we can get a shot of the whole class together then quick individuals of each student. If anyone has quick changes etc right after their dance, they can "drop in" for portraits anytime. 

    • We will forward the photographer's email with the gallery info and password to everyone who is participating in the Nutcracker so you can access the images once they are ready!

⚡ Saturday, December 7th  - FINAL REHEARSAL @ the Studio
  • 12:00 PM Party Scene JUNIOR (normal rehearsal time)


    • Party Scene Junior

    • Dream Scene Junior: Couch Mice

    • Battle Scene - ONLY COME FOR EVENING

    • Dream Scene Pas de Deux: Clara and Prince

    • Snow Scene Junior: Snow Angels, Demi Soloists, Snow Flakes, Snow Queen

  • 12:55 PM   JUNIOR CAST IN ACT 2

    • Coronation Jr - Unicorn Reindeer & Clara

    • Chinese Jr - 

    • Marzipan Jr - CANCELLED

    • Flowers Jr -CANCELLED

    • Russian Jr - 

    • Sugar Plum -CANCELLED

    • Finale - all second act dancers present for run through. 


    • All dancers in Act 1: please arrive at 2:30. We will begin the runthrough at 2:45.

    • Party Scene (evening)

    • Dream Scene: Couch Mice (evening)

    • Battle Scene (evening)

    • Dream Scene Pas  (evening) (Music will run but Noah will not be there)

    • Snow Scene: Tree Fairies, Snow Angels, Demi Soloists, Snow Flakes, Snow Queen (evening)


    • Coronation (evening): Coronation Angels, Unicorn Reindeer, Mini Pas de Deux, Pas de Deux

    • Spanish (evening)

    • Arabian (evening)- 

    • Marzipan (evening)- 

    • Russian (evening) -  

    • Chinese (evening)- Miss Heather E's Weds 3 class only!

    • Flowers (evening)- CANCELLED

    • Prima Pas de Deux - CANCELLED

    • Tarantella - CANCELLED

    • Sugar Plum (evening)-CANCELLED

    • Candy Elves -

    • Finale (evening)


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