Performance Cast Information - Day of Show Information

Princess and the Frog - Roanoke Shows

May 4th, 4:30 PM & May 5th, 2:30 PM

Blacksburg High School

Tickets will be available at the show, general admission.

Tickets: $10
How to get your free ticket. 

Volunteer Backstage and you do not need at ticket.



Saturday, May 18th - Princess and the Frog 

4:30pm Show @ Blacksburg High School
  3:00 PM  Volunteers Arrive

  3:30 PM All Level 4+ Dancers, Arrive
  3:45 PM  All Level 2 & 3 Dancers Arrive
  4:00 PM  All Level 1 and younger Dancers Arrive
  4:30 PM  Doors Open

  4:30 PM  Show Starts - Show run apx 2 hour 0 mins.


  • Every group will be given a specific time to arrive due to so many participants, so please arrive at your suggested time and no sooner to keep the check-in process working smoothly.

  • Parents of small children who would like to accompany them to their rooms may obtain a visitor pass at the check-in table but must exit the backstage area no later than 15 minutes prior to showtime. If you think you’ll need to stay longer - please consider volunteering.


Coming Prepared:

  • Dress:  

    • Ballet Classes: Pink Tights, Pink Shoes​

    • Tap Classes: Tap shoes (preferred tan, black is also color is acceptable)

    • Make sure to get your show t-shirt at dress rehearsal, if you do not pick it up prior to that. You will wear that for bows.

  • Make up:

    • Ages 6 and under: Minimal. Pink blush, mascara (if they’ll allow it). Absolutely no heavy makeup.

    • Boys: Blush. Recommended due to stage lighting washing out dancer's faces.


  • Hair:

    • Girls: Bun, no wisps

    • Boys: Combed and gelled.​

  • Recommended to pack:


    • Do not send your child with any outside food unless specifically required, we have some severe allergies in our cast (tree nuts, peanuts).


During the Show:

  • Dancers will be assigned dressing rooms based on role and age. Volunteer(s) will be assigned to a group. Students will sit in the audience with their group and volunteer or in their dressing room when not on stage.  You may sit with your child in the dancer section if you would like, but please be mindful that we have limited seats available in this area. Your child may not sit outside of the student area, for the safety of your child and organization of the show.

  • No student should be checked out early unless previously approved by the director and indicated in your check-out.  

  • All students will participate in bows at the end of the show. Scholarships will be announced at the end of the Sunday show.


Child Pick up After the Show:

  • After the shows are over please exit to the Main Lobby and file into the roped off section to pick up your child.  As the kids are ready, we will line them up and announce their names for pick up.

  • Please do not attempt to go backstage to retrieve your child.  This can cause a lot of chaos with the number of kids and parents that could potentially be back stage if we let this happen.  Again, this is for the safety of your child and the organization of our production.  If you’d prefer to be backstage with your child - please consider volunteering.



Show Flowers / Candy Bouquet
More information coming soon!


Show DVDs & Photos

  • Both shows will be filmed in house for DVD and digital download.