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All cast & school

LEAP Company

Party Parents & Kids, Maids, Aunts, Grandmother, Drosselmyer, Clara, Marie, Fritz, Party Poopers, Soldier Doll, Mouse Doll, Kissy Doll

Splat Mouse, Battle Mice, Soldiers, Tumble Dolls

Couch Mice

Tree Fairies, Snow Angels, Snowflakes, Snow Demi, Snow Queen

Coronation Angels, Unicorn Reindeer, Coronation Mini Pas de Deux, Coronation Court, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Marzipan, Arabian, Gingerbread, NEW-Gingerbread Cakes, Flowers, Garlands, Flower Buds, West African, Turkish, Sugar Plum, Prima, Cavalier, Candy Elves

Clara, Marie, Drosselmyer

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