• Everyone in the building must enter with masks.

    • Mask are optional though encouraged while exercising.

  • Everyone will have their temperature taken upon entering the building 

  • 10' social distancing spaces when possible (6' minimum).

    • ​Indoor classes limited to 6-8 students (based on room).

  • * New Outdoor studio:

    • Outdoor classes limited to 10 students*

    • 60' tent and astroturf

    • In the case of severe weather, classes will be moved inside. 

  • Personalized and sanitized props for each student 

  • Easy and clear spaces for students. 

  • Sanitizing Stations

  • Additional time added between all classes for cleaning and staggered entry

  • We will still be offering VIRTUAL classes for those who prefer it.

Our staff is here to help you navigate through this hard time. Don't hesitate to contact us about questions concerning which classes you'd prefer or about our sanitation and social distancing process.

Full Day Wednesday
   - 9-4pm (extended hours available)
   - Includes: 
        - multiple dance classes per day
        - tutoring/time to do school work
        - free time.  
    - Cost: $215/mo, prorated November and December $161.25/mo

Prima Ballet Program
    - Ages 3.5-5.5
    - 9-12 PM
    - Looking for Interest: Available M, T, Th, F. You may choose from 1-3 days weekly
    - Includes:
         - 1 Ballet class and 1 tac-on-Jazz/Hip hop class per day
         - reading
         - crafts
         - snack
         - singing (masks required) and free dance movement
         - play time (socially distant and independent toys)

LEAP half day School
    - Available M, T, Th, F. You may choose from 1-4 days weekly
    - Includes:
         - 1 and a half dance classes per day
         - tutoring
         - time to do school work
         - freetime.