Audition to be in the Nutcracker

at the Moss Arts Center!


Be a part of the most wonderful production in the NRV! Children and Adults of all ages are welcome to audition to be a part of this magical holiday production.

2019 - Buruss Hall

2018 - Moss Arts Center 

2017 - Moss Arts Center 

2016 - Moss Arts Center 

2015 - Moss Arts Center 

2014 - Haymarket Theater

2013 - Lyric Theater

2012 - Lyric Theater


The Moss Arts Center said that we were the most successful community event they've ever had, two years in a row!



Roles Available: (all roles are not speaking. In order of appearance)


Opening Choir

   Song is TBD (Ages 4-Teen. Will also sing during Snow Scene)


Party Scene Guests

  Clara (No age requirement, must look like a child)


Drosselmyer (Clara's Uncle. Adult Male Actor)

  Hans / Nutcracker (Apx age 9 - teen)

  Fritz (Clara's Brother, Apx Age 5-9)

  Marie (Clara's Little Sister, Apx Age 3-5)

  Mr. Staulbaum (Adult Actor)

  Mrs. Staulbaum (Adult Actor)

  Party Pooper (girl, apx age 5 - 9)



  Maids (adult ballet dancers)

  Tipsy Aunts (Adult Actor / dancers)

  Adult Party Guest Couples (No dance experience required)


Party Scene Dolls

   Prima Doll (ballet dancer on pointe)

   4-5 Country Dolls (apx age 6-8)


Battle Scene

  Couch Mice (apx age 4-6, ballet)

  Mouse Queen (ballet/acro, must be willing to fly)

  "Splat" Mouse (apx age 3-5. Willing to be silly and play dead)

  Battle Nutcracker (Tall male dancer. Dance with a large mask)

  Battle Mice (apx age 6 - teen, acro and ballet)

  Tapping Soldiers (apx age 10 - teen/adult, tap)


Snow Scene

  Snow Angels (apx age 4.5 - 7)

  Snow Queen (advanced dancer on pointe)

  Snow Demi-Soloists (advanced dancers on pointe)

  Snow Flakes (Intermediate to Advanced Ballet Dancers)

  Tree Fairies (Apx ages 7-12. Must be able to push wheeled prop)

  Snow Choir (Ages 4-Teen)


Coronation Scene

   Coronation Pas De Deux (Boys and Girls Intermediate - Adv)

   Coronation Court (Apx age 7-14)


Spanish Chocolate

   Dancers - (apx age is TBD)


Chinese Tea

   Dancers - (apx age is TBD)


Russian Candy Cane

   Russian Dancers (Intermediate - Advanced Dancers)

   Russian Candy Canes (apx age 8-12)


Arabian Coffee

   Arabian Snake (Gymnast/Acro, apx age 5-7)

   Arabian Dancer(s) - TBD



  Shepards (apx age 9 - teen)

  Sheep (apx age 4-6)



  Gingerbread Cookies (ages 2-4)

  Gingerbread Lead (apx age 5-8)

  Gingerbread Teddy Bear (adult, mascot silly dancing)



  Corp to Ballet (advanced dancers)

  Flower Garlands (interemediate - advanced dancers)

  Dew Drop (Advanced dancer on pointe)

  Butterfly (Age 6+ - must be willing to fly)



  New River Valley Irish Dance School 


Prima Ballerina (Advanced dancer on pointe)

Mini Sugar Plum & Cavalier (Boy & Girl apx age 5-7)

Sugar Plum Fairy (Advanced dancer on pointe)

Cavalier / Nutcracker (Advanced Male Dancer)