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Audition to be in the Nutcracker
at the Moss Arts Center!


AUDITIONS FOR 2021 Click here to register

Be a part of the most wonderful production in the NRV! Children and Adults of all ages are welcome to audition to be a part of this magical holiday production.

Our Nutcracker is the most exciting Nutcracker production in the NRV! Every year is different and more exciting! We have had... Guest artist like Reid Ewing (Dylan) from MODERN FAMILY, a Flying Mouse Queen, Pyrotechnics, short film, and a LIVE ORCHESTRA! What will we do next?  Be a part of this amazing tradition!

The Moss Arts Center said that we were "the most successful community event they've ever had!"


Auditions will be held at Little Leapers Blacksburg & Roanoke

Performances will be at The Moss Arts Center on Dec 17-19

Roles Available: (all roles are non-speaking. In order of appearance)

Party Scene Guests

  Clara (No age requirement, must look like a child)

  Marie (Snobbish character to Clara)

  Drosselmyer (Clara's Uncle. Adult Male Actor)

  Hans / Nutcracker (Apx age 9 - teen)

  Fritz (Clara's Brother, Apx Age 5-9)

  Clara's Little Sister, Apx Age 3-5)

  Mr. Staulbaum (Adult Actor)

  Mrs. Staulbaum (Adult Actor)

  Party Pooper (girl, apx age 5 - 9)



  Maids (adult ballet dancers)

  Tipsy Aunts (Adult Actor / dancers)

  Adult Party Guest Couples (No dance experience required)


Party Scene Dolls

   Prima Doll (ballet dancer on pointe)

   4-5 Country Dolls (apx age 6-8)

   Soldier (ballet dancer on pointe)

   Mouse Doll  (apx age 6-15)

Battle Scene

  Couch Mice (apx age 4-6, ballet)

  Mouse Queen (ballet/acro, must be willing to fly)

  "Splat" Mouse (apx age 3-5. Willing to be silly and play dead)

  Battle Nutcracker (Tall male dancer. Dance with a large mask)

  Battle Mice (apx age 6 - teen, acro and ballet)

  Tapping Soldiers (apx age 10 - teen/adult, tap)


Snow Scene

  Snow Angels (apx age 4.5 - 7)

  Snow Queen (advanced dancer on pointe)

  Snow Demi-Soloists (advanced dancers on pointe)

  Snow Flakes (Intermediate to Advanced Ballet Dancers)

  Tree Fairies (Apx ages 7-12. Must be able to push wheeled prop)

Coronation Scene

   Coronation Pas De Deux (Boys and Girls Intermediate - Adv)

   Coronation Court (Apx age 7-14)


Spanish Chocolate

   Dancers - (apx age is TBD)


Chinese Tea

   Dancers - (apx age is TBD)


Russian Candy Cane

   Russian Dancers (Intermediate - Advanced Dancers)

   Russian Candy Canes (apx age 8-12)


Arabian Coffee

   Arabian Snake (Gymnast/Acro, apx age 5-7)

   Arabian Dancer(s) - TBD



  Shepards (apx age 9 - teen)

  Sheep (apx age 4-6)



  Gingerbread Cookies (ages 2-4)

  Gingerbread Lead (apx age 5-8)

  Gingerbread Teddy Bear (adult, mascot silly dancing)



  Corp to Ballet (advanced dancers)

  Flower Garlands (interemediate - advanced dancers)

  Dew Drop (Advanced dancer on pointe)

  Butterfly (Age 6+ - must be willing to fly)



  New River Valley Irish Dance School 


Prima Ballerina (Advanced dancer on pointe)

Mini Sugar Plum & Cavalier (Boy & Girl apx age 5-7)

Sugar Plum Fairy (Advanced dancer on pointe)

Cavalier / Nutcracker (Advanced Male Dancer)

Past Nutcracker Productions:

2021 - Moss Arts Center

2020 - Movie (COVID)

2019 - Buruss Hall

2018 - Moss Arts Center 

2017 - Moss Arts Center 

2016 - Moss Arts Center 

2015 - Moss Arts Center 

2014 - Haymarket Theater

2013 - Lyric Theater

2012 - Lyric Theater